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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

--Robert Louis Stevenson





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MAHTN Strength Resides in its Work Teams

A gratifying and fun way to participate in the future of HT is by becoming involved in the activities of your regional HT Networking Group. Join a MAHTN Action Work Team. Pick what interests you and pitch in!

​(Click on the Work Team title to email the chairperson.)


MAHTN is a group of practicing and aspiring horticultural therapists who are avidly and actively dedicated to expanding the acceptance of horticultural therapy as a recognized therapeutic and rehabilitative discipline.

In Oct. 2012, MAHTN, Inc., was formally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the State of New York. This opens the door to a range of initiatives that enable MAHTN to expand both its visibility and offerings as the leading organization in the Mid-Atlantic region for horticultural therapy professionals.

One of the most significant benefits is our ability to improve our financial viability through fundraising, grants and programs that support the interests and professional needs of our members, as well as educating others to the benefits horticultural therapy can achieve.

The best way for each of us to participate in this ambitious goal is by participating in professional development opportunities, conferences, networking, mentoring and collaboration. Our web site, MAHTN.org, is a convenient, interactive complement to our face-to-face activities and serves as a repository for helpful resources, activities and lessons-learned.

As members of MAHTN, Inc., we are committed to the mission of the American Horticultural Therapy Association in building and reinforcing a consistent, credible set of professional standards which will enable us to cultivate a flourishing profession. Learn more about the benefits and requirements of professional registration by visiting AHTA's professional registration page.

The Linda Ciccantelli Memorial Scholarship

Education is critical to the future of the HT profession. To fulfill its commitment to elevate professional standards within the profession of HT, each year MAHTN awards the Linda Ciccantelli  Memorial Scholarship for academic achievement to a student currently pursuing a career in horticultural therapy. Linda Ciccantelli was a pioneer in the practice of horticultural therapy (HT). She was a practitioner, author, and teacher who founded the HT program at Magee Rehab Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, in 1976. 
To qualify for this prestigious award, individuals must live in the Mid-Atlantic region and be enrolled in a college level program in pursuit of a career in Horticultural Therapy.  Recipients of the scholarship receive a $500 check that may be applied toward tuition or internship expenses, along with one free year of MAHTN membership and complimentary admission to the MAHTN Annual Conference in the fall, where recipients are announced.

The scholarship is merit-based and is awarded based on educational and work experience, career goals and aspirations, and a commitment to promoting the field of horticultural therapy to a wide audience. Applications are evaluated by a panel of credentialed, HTR practitioners. They are former MAHTN BOD members with many years of work and teaching experience in the field of HT. The scholarship will be announced at MAHTN's Annual Conference in September 2020.

If you are a student and interested in applying for next year, you'll be able to download the Scholarship Application Packet for 2021 right here. Applications deadlines will be published later. 

MAHTN's Annual Awards of Excellence 

It is MAHTN's mission to promote awareness and acceptance of the professional practice of Horticultural Therapy through education, communication and networking. To that end, our Annual Awards Program allows us to recognize, and serves to underscore, the efforts of those horticultural therapists and HT programs that consistently demonstrate outstanding achievement and success within the field.

Program of Excellence Award

This honor is bestowed upon a Horticultural Therapy Program that makes a significant contribution to the advancement of the field through

  • innovative programming, 
  • service to its targeted population, 
  • creative delivery, 
  • quality ethical standards, evaluation processes, public relations, and benefits to the community.

Outstanding Professional Service Award

This award provides recognition to a member of the MAHTN community who has made significant contributions to the field of Horticultural Therapy. The recipient shall be distinguished by

  • their length of service, 
  • distinctive efforts in the promotion and development of Horticultural Therapy, and 
  • making a meaningful contribution to the field effecting the philosophy or practice of HT.

These individuals and facilities represent the highest standards of excellence in HT practice and serve as enduring models for those of us engaged in or entering the profession. Please consider nominating a MAHTN member or program for the MAHTN Award of Excellence for 2021. 

MAHTN members are encouraged annually to seriously consider and then nominate a worthy colleague and/or HT program to receive one of our annual awards.  Click here to submit a nomination for a MAHTN 2021 Service Award. Winners will be announced during the 2021 MAHTN Members' Meeting in September.

MAHTN Can Help You
Find an Ideal HT Candidate

Does your hospital, school, senior center or other facility currently have an open position--job or internship opportunity--that is appropriate for a horticultural therapist? LET US KNOW!

At MAHTN we are happy to post open opportunities for jobs or internships that may be of interest to our members. We list these on our Members' Job Board.

The best way to promote an opportunity (full- or part-time position or internship) on the MAHTN website is to send us a URL that links to an online job posting on your facility's web site or on a job aggregator site such as indeed.com. We can also post a job description sent as a  Word or pdf file. 
Email any related information to  info@mahtn.org

Please be sure to include the following:

  • Position title & description (part-time, full-time, seasonal, etc.)
  • Hiring organization name & location
  • Description of position responsibilities
  • Desired qualifications.
  • Instructions on how to apply.
  • Name & contact info for hiring manager.

Don't forget to include your email address in case of questions.

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